Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the HR FESTIVAL europe – Visitor registration / Ticketing

The ‘HR FESTIVAL europe’ is an event by:

ALMA Medien AG
Hofackerstrasse 32
8032 Zürich

(further referred to as the ‘Organiser’) The event is organised and hosted by HR Today. Invoicing is made through ALMA Medien AG. These General Terms and Conditions (further referred to as ‘T&C’) shall apply for the electronic ordering of any types of tickets of the organiser (‘further referred to as ‘Tickets’) on the respective internet website of the event (further referred to as ‘website’). The organiser reserves the right to change these T&C at any time, whereby any such changes will become effective as soon as they are published on this website. The organiser also reserves the right to use or change the internet website wholly or in part at their own discretion and without prior notice. By placing an order, the orderer/purchaser of tickets (further referred to as the ‘Customer’) recognises these T&C. Any conditions of the customer differing from these are not valid. Tickets are ordered exclusively through the print@home process. With print@home, customers print the tickets at their own convenience, therefore saving time and costs. For this purpose, the Customer only needs a standard commercially available printer and normal DIN A4 paper. Following a successfully processed order and/or purchase, the Organiser will send the Customer the ticket in PDF form to the e-mail address provided during registration.

1. Contractual parties

The Organiser is also issuer of the tickets. Thanks to the fact that tickets are ordered or purchased free of charge, contractual relations are established between the respective Customer and the Organiser only.

2. Conclusion of the contract

The Customer submits an offer to conclude a contract by sending the offer entered on the order screen, specifically the respective ticket type (entry ticket, workshop ticket), a correctly entered e-mail address and billing address as well as any necessary data for payment processing by clicking on the corresponding buttons. After an order has been successfully processed (in the case of free tickets) or purchase and on-line payment has been made, the Customer shall receive a confirmation e-mail from the Organiser along with the PDF files to print out the tickets using the print@home process.

3. Return of tickets against payment / right of cancellation

The ticket purchaser acknowledges that there is no right of cancellation of the completed ticket purchase. If the purchaser cannot participate in the event, a substitute participant can be designated. An exception applies only to tickets for (a) cancelled or (b) postponed events. In such cases, the original Customer is entitled to a refund of the price actually paid. The tickets do not need to be sent back., but will rather be declared void. If the Organiser receives information about cancelled or changed event dates, the Organiser will inform the Customer immediately of this fact by e-mail, provided that the Customer had entered a valid e-mail address when the order was placed. Any further claims are excluded. If the ticket is lost, the purchase price cannot be reimbursed. If a print@home ticket was not delivered due to an incorrect e-mail, please contact info@hrfestival.ch. We will contact you immediately and set up delivery to the correct address.

4. Commercial use prohibited

Acquisition of tickets for the purpose of their resale is generally prohibited.

5. Payment Terms

The total amount including value added tax is payable immediately after the contract is concluded. The tickets remain the property of the Organiser until payment in full has been made. Should a payment be reversed, the tickets will be automatically declared void.

6. print@home process 

Tickets are delivered via e-mail as a PDF file at the Customer’s risk along with the confirmation e-mail at the time the contract is concluded.  The Customer is obligated to check the PDF documents for correctness and completeness immediately upon receipt (specifically the name of the event, date, time, price and quantity, participant name) and to report any complaints to the Organiser. Delivery of the ordered ticket (s) in the print@home process is made directly at the Customer location by printing out the tickets sent electronically to the Customer. The Customer may only make one print copy of each ticket for the purpose of the intended use; otherwise, the Customer is not entitled to reproduce, duplicate or change the printed tickets, in any possible. An unauthorised copy or unauthorised resold print@home ticket does not entitle the bearer to attend the event. The bar code and QR code on the document, which can be used only once, will be validated electronically by a scanner at the event venue. A situation in which additional people can gain access to the event using the same bar code, by for example copying the bar code, is therefore excluded. In the event that copies of a print@home ticket should appear, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse access to the event to holders of copies or holders of unauthorised duplicated print@home tickets. Furthermore, the Organiser reserves the right to demand payment of the total value of the duplicated print@home tickets from the Customer whose ticket had been copied without authorization. The Organiser does not assume any responsibility for any inconvenience caused by unauthorised copying or misuse of print@home tickets The Organizer does not assume any responsibility for the loss and/or misuse of the ticket.

7. At the event venue / on-site at the event

a. Audio, photo and video recordings

At the event venue (keynotes and workshops), audio and video recordings by visitors are prohibited for copyright reasons. In the event that video and/or audio recordings during the event are made by persons commissioned by the Organiser, when visiting the event, unrestricted rights of use and publication with regard to audio, photo and video recordings on all sales and distribution channels are granted.

b. Name badge

Tickets are personalised and consist of an information section and a name badge. The name badge serves as the credentials of the visitor on site, entitles admission to the event and must therefore always be visibly worn. The name badge includes the following personal data from the on-line order via the website: Name, surname, position and company name. Another component of the name badge is a bar code / QR code for access authorisation, which is electronically checked and validated by the Organiser at the event venue with a bar code scanner.

8. Notes on handling customer data
(data privacy statement)

The personal data entered by the Customer on this web page is used to contact the Customer by e-mail and, if the customer has agreed to receive the newsletter during registration, to keep the Customer up-to-date about the event in the future. The Organizer wishes to indicate to the Customer that the Customer data is also stored and used for further processing, for the purpose of contract processing (invoicing, annotating receipt of payment, automatic creation of the print@home ticket) and the implementation of the event (checking and identifying the Customer and validating the ticket at the event venue) to the required extent in the Organiser’s systems in accordance with the provisions of data protection. Customer data will not be transferred to third parties!

9. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The contractual relationships between the Customer and ALMA Medien AG are subject to substantive Swiss law with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980. The regular court in Zurich is responsible for any disputes resulting from these contractual relationships.

ALMA Medien AG August 2020